La Maison Navarre


La Maison Navarre is a French pastry shop located in the heart of downtown Portsmouth offering homemade, fresh products made with high-quality ingredients.

LES ViennoiserieS



Croissant $2.75
Traditional French croissant, light yet rich and buttery with a deliciously delicate interior.

Pain au Chocolat - $3.00
Our traditional croissant, filled with decadent dark chocolate.

Almond Croissant - $3.25
Our traditional croissant, filled with almond paste.

Brioches - $3.60
Classic French yeast bread that's rich & buttered
Pink Pralines - Chocolate Chip - Blueberry - Plain

Cannelé de Bordeaux - $2.00 per piece -$4.00 for 3 pieces
Specialty from Bordeaux in France
Flavored with Rum & Vanilla with a soft and tender custard center and a dark, thick caramelized crust. 

French Baguette - $2.75

Traditional French Breakfast - $6.50
Sliced Baguette with French Butter & Jam


Please contact us to ensure the availability of the products at the Shop.
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