La Maison Navarre

La Maison Navarre is a French pastry shop located in the heart of downtown Portsmouth offering homemade, fresh products made with high-quality ingredients.


All our Savory Items are available from 8am to 4pm


Served with chips or Salad

Croque Madame (Rosemary Ham /Swiss Cheese & Sunny Side Egg on the top of the bread) 
Traditional Croque Monsieur (Rosemary Ham / Swiss Cheese & Béchamel)
Quiche Lorraine (Ham & Sour Cream)
Goat Cheese Quiche (Sun dry tomato, Spinach & Goat Cheese)


Available with the Traditional French Buckwheat Flour

 or with the Wheat Flour

Served with side salad


Di Parma (Prosciutto/Arugula/Gruyère & Tomato)
Complète (Rosemary Ham/Arugula/Swiss Cheese & Tomato)
Classique (Rosemary Ham/Swiss Cheese/Béchamel sauce & Sunny Side up Egg)
Nordique (Dill cream/Smoked salmon/Lettuce/Tomato & Lemon squeezed)
Savoyarde (Potatoes/Reblochon Cheese/Bacon/Rosemary Ham)
Alpine (Goat Cheese/Bacon /Honey / Provence Herbs)


Niçoise    Lettuce, Cherry Tomato, Tuna, Hard-boiled egg, Black Olives, Anchovies, Green Beans & Potatos dressed with our homemade vinaigrette
Italienne  Cherry tomato, Parmigiano, Avocado, Prosciutto, Spring Mix & Poched Egg
Goat Cheese Salad  Goat cheese toasted on Baguette, Honey, Spring mix Salad, Walnuts, Provence Herbs & Cherry tomatoes with our House Dressing


SANDWICHES on Baguette
(served with chips)

Parisian   Ham / Butter / Comté
Italian   Prosciutto / Mozzarella / Arugula / Tomato / Olive Oil
Tuna  Tuna / Mayonnaise / Lettuce / Tomato
Veggie   Mozzarella / Arugula / Tomato / Olive Oil
Atlantic Smoked Salmon / Dill Cream / Lettuce / Tomato / Lemon
Rustic Brie Cheese /Spring Mix Salad & Fig Jam

SANDWICHES on Croissant

Ham & Cheese Croissant    Rosemary Ham / Comté / Béchamel Sauce
Ham Cheese & Egg Croissant    Rosemary Ham / Comté / Béchamel Sauce and Sunny side Egg



Please contact us to ensure the availability of the products at the Shop.
Our kitchen closes for savory items daily at 4pm.
603.373.8401  •